Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Atheism vs Religion?

It seems today that one has to be either an atheist or a religious fanatic, and whether a member of either on it seems necessary for the people involved to try their utmost to force their beliefs on one another. Why is this? Don't you think people believe what they choose, what makes them happiest?

I see a lot of arguments these days that are viciously anti-religion, but why? Those who believe in a creator base their beliefs as much on faith as do the atheists. The big bang has to come from somewhere just as well as God has to come from somewhere. It can't have sprang out of "nothing" as some purveyors of this argument suggest, and it cannot be that time only began when the big bang happened, and there simply was no "before".

This is not to say that either corner is necessarily wrong or right, but merely to say there is equal evidence for each. The very nature of reigion and faith ensure that it cannot be proven by science, and while this may seem convenient it is also convenient to say the big bang came out of "nothing". Even the theory that our universe is in a constant state of expansion followed by contraction followed by expansion again, has the same weakness.

When one considers the predicament, the only "logical" conclusion I can come to is that there is in fact no answer to the question, or at least not one our brains are capable of processing.

To sum up: no matter what your beliefs on the creation of the universe, the question will always remain. Where did that come from?

That is why I say that people choose their beliefs based on what they want to be true, rather than what is. Because we do not know what is. Thus, it doesn't make sense to try to force one's beliefs on another, when one's beliefs are inevitably as based on faith as the next person's.

Atheists in particular seem to enjoy making religious followers out to be foolish believers in myths and supernatural legend, indeed the attacks on them become more and more ridiculous every day. Why? Hatred for those whose beliefs differ from our own? That hardly strikes me as the modus of modern civilization, and we are a lot further behind than I thought if that is the case.

Ciao for now, I hope someone can shed some light on this...

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  1. Your First Follower would like to point out some misconceptions, namely,number 1. Atheists are not fanatics as we do not wish to kill for evolution or the Big Bang and number 2. there is not any evidence whatsoever for religion apart form the bible and a couple of redneck farmers in america who claim to have seen angels or that god has given them a car or cured a family member of a disease.however your veiw that people believe what they want to be true is halfway right as religion is usually indoctrinated at a young age and effectively if a child is taught something over and over again they will come to take that view as truth. for instance, if a child is told all apples are blue again and again he or she will refuse evidence otherwise.
    these lessons are remembered throughout their life and if the view was indoctrinated enough
    they will refuse to believe otherwise