Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The first

This is my first post on my first attempt at a Blog. It is aimed at any and all people who have a vested interest in the future of South Africa. Given the unique nature of this country and the political climate in which we find ourselves, the usage and mentioning of race will be unavoidable.

However, before I continue I would have it known that racism of any kind is not welcome here, and this Blog is a place for structured and reasonable debate. My view of this country is that there are people of all races here that are capable of helping us to a great future for all, but there are also people of all races who would see it destroyed. The latter is not welcome here.

Let us begin.

I see many articles on the Web by white authors describing the fear and state of terror in which white people are "forced to live", due to the supposed uprising of the black nation to slaughter us all. Now, my knowledge on the validity of these claims is severely limited, but from my personal experience of this country I would say they are largely unfounded. Granted, the rate of crime in this country is high, but it affects all of its citizens and not just the whites. For every white woman raped and killed there are undoubtedly four or more black women to which the same is done. Criminals are merely criminals, and their activities should not be used as a scale on which to judge an entire race group.

From what I have seen (which I won't go into just yet), it is true that if one looks at the situation from a fearful position then it is clear whites in general have a lot to fear. But my experience of black people (the ones I have known personally), is that they are friendly, quick to offer help, and far quicker to accept a "foreigner" such as myself into their midst than their white counterparts.

What I would like at the end of this, is some commentary from my fellow South Africans in general. What do you think is going to happen here over the next few years? Do not fear to mention race (for the good people of this country who would see it move forward have nothing to fear) but remember: no racism or hate speech in either direction.

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